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Friday, February 25, 2022

Just a quickie update on Pandemic


Sunday, February 20, 2022

 It's SAL time

Make sure you visit everyone for great photos of their projects.


And here is Do Different 3 weeks ago:

and today
Feb 20, 2022

This is where I concentrated my efforts

the right side

and the horizontal strip above the words

The last three weeks have been cold outside and snowy
so I stayed home more and stitched more.
Not sure which section is next.

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

 Feb 13, 2022 was the start of the #100dayproject for 2022.  I'm a bit behind in posting.

Here's an overall of my project.

It's a Laurel Burch canvas

Day 1 close-up  (Feb 13

Day 2 - Feb 14

Day 3 - Feb 15
close-up from the other end of the design

Day 4 - Feb 16
close up

This morning I decided the first stitch is not working.
I like the second stitch better.
Feel free to comment.
the rest of the face will be a lot of bargello
Need to go look for the fancy triangles at the LNS

stay tuned for more.
Thanks heavens it doesn't have to be my only project
nor is there a timeframe of minutes/hours per day

Keep stitching!

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

 I was asked about my colors in Do Different.  One is obvious -Black.  The other two are a varigated/overdyed red by DMC and a solid red - DMC 814.

I started out want a lot of red and a little black.  Somewhere in the last few weeks I realized it would look too unbalanced and the black might get lost so I opted to do the middle of the two sides all in black.  AS for the rest - I looked at the motifs in an area and decided if would look ok in shades of red or not.  I realized that it only worked for the larger areas.  The smaller areas / blocks looked better in a solid red where you could see what it was instead of an area of muddled threads.  I also played with the varigated thread to pull out some really dark parts and some really bright, lighter areas.  

I hope that answered the questions.  If not, leave a comment please.

Stay warm!