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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Monday, May 28, 2018

I'm late, I'm late!  Almost an hour into the new day and late for my 3 week SAL update.  It has been a busy week-end so far.  With a fair amount of stitching due to the heat.  After this spring, I wasn't sure if I would ever feel warm again but the high 80's were definitely warm  today.

First of all, Happy Memorial Day.  We will be spending part of the day at the cemetery visiting my parents.  Yes, Dad was a veteran, as was Mom.  We have many generations of veterans in our family.  The most current is our son and the only other living one is me.

Now on to the updates of the projects.

I started a new one.  I needed a small one that would
fit in my purse for long waits, etc.

 Didn't make much progress yet.

Other updates

The 3 Cats need close-ups

Right side and part of bottom

More of the bottom - beads in the center

More beads - at the top

The large cat is getting some "fur"

3rd cat in the series, just a hint of beading so far

a little close up of the facial beading

And that 's it for these past three weeks.
Enjoy the rest of your long week-end and 
check out the rest of the group.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

A couple of quick updates

What will be

What is now

ready for beads

Sunday, May 6, 2018

I'm running late with Update SAL today.   I needed to do work in the yard, then hubby wanted help cleaning out the garage. and then it started to rain so we were scrambling to get things back in before the floor was dry.  Work for the day is done.  Time to read blogs and stitch.

Here's the update:

Water's Edge

Close up of the foam
the foam is the new part
I had not paid any attention to this one for awhile

Home of a Needleworker
at the bottom, it reads:
God - Home - Country - Honor - Duty

the first three words have to do with a lineage organization
that I belong to
the three reading backwards, starting on the right
has to do with the way I grew up

Hard to see the white but that will be helped with a dark 
backing fabric or dark matboard

This cat has gotten a lot of attention lately.
He/she has been my relief from the workload 
that I have had recently.

Three cats overall

Close up on the left side.

Last time I had asked for opinions because I was not happy with this side.
Since then I changed the green to one that matched, changed the
dark blue as well.  I still have three of the thing
to tent stitch yet but that is minor.

Time for you to check out the rest of the group:

Have a great week!