A sampling of my designs as well as personal stitching, and life in general.

Friday, April 29, 2022

OVerdue Sal

 late for the SAl - way overdue  - need to blame my stomach issues  and I need to find a cause for them as well.

Here's Do Different up to date as of the 23rd

bottom right is finally finished

area below the words is done
1 peacock is  completed

The whole piece
still a fair amount to do
and I have lots of obligations in the next 2 weeks.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

SAL time

 It's SAL time and the news is disappointing.

We recently lost a member unexpectedly.  Prayers for Carmela's family and thanks to her brother for letting the admin know what happened.  

Secondly, I have been swamped with deadlines of other things, all non-stitching, that my progress is barely there.  My short bursts of stitching during this period have not taken me very far.

last time:

as of late last night:


right bottom is nearly done
the rest will be in the darker red to match the other 4 corners

I didn't feel like changing threads
so I started previously blank area.

Progress is being made, just more slowly at time than others.

Check our the rest of our group