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Friday, August 28, 2020

I got mail !

 Yesterday, much to my surprise I got mail.  Two boxes!  Yikes I haven't had that much mail that wasn't a bill, in I don't know how long.  And I literally mean that.  

First the updates:

This is Liberty For all.
I started in on July 4th
I probably should have been done but I have worked on a few other things.

This is called Do Different.
And I am.
Main outside borders are black
Interior borders are a med-dark red
and the lovely work inside is a DMC variegated thread
I have not decided what colors the lettering will be in.

This is about the top quarter.
The black borders are more or less set so I can stitch without counting
It's basted down on both sides.
I really want to do some of the variegated thread so I 
worked on the left side a bit.
For all those "stair look" areas, I basted across to make sure it matched up.
I'm really enjoying this!

And I will need to tear myself away to start my ANG classes and other SALs 
Women of the Mayflower

Here's the mail:

This one has me really excited because I have two Mayflower ancestors. 
What a great way to combine my love of Needlework and genealogy.

Sunrise Reflections

My ANG class
The other one has not arrived yet.
So this one gets the first priority
The photo is small but the e-class list may still be on the website.
I am looking forward to lesson #1 to arrive.

And that's it for now.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

SAL update

 I confess.  I have not stitched on Klimt in the last three weeks.  It has sat semi-neglected.  It has stared back at me saying or thinking who know what.  I have stitched but on other projects and not consistently on any one project.

Hopefully I will do better for the next SAL report.

So,  here is the same photos from 2 weeks ago.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

 MY SAL report was supposed to be on the 2nd.  I took my photo on late/early am of Sunday and went off to bed, far too tired to write anything.  Then Sunday while in the kitchen, I went to turn one direction but only half of me went and the other half stayed still -out went the back.  Not a comfortable thing and this was the worst that I have have had happened.  Usually a few hours of laying still and a wonderful heating pad works wonders.  This time, it's been over a week and I had to add some pain killers and visit to the chiropractor.  Now things are better.  So, a way bit late, here is Klimt - my SAL piece:

Hopefully more tomorrow.