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Thursday, June 30, 2016

stitching update

Have to get my Americanism in first especially since the BIG holiday is nearly here!

Here comes the stitching.

A new start.

progress on the Patchwork Quaker SAL

A finish.  Sorry about cutting off the tail end.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sunday, June 26, 2016


I have been stitching.  One of the couple of things I can do when the back is aching.

Right now I am supposed to be stitching 5 SAls.   Yikes.

This one works for 2 of the SAL - one from my not so local needlework store, the summer stitching SAL, a choice of 6 patterns.  This was my first choice.  I have not started the second one.   It also qualifies for the Americana SAL  (another blog, on my sidebar).   Dinky Dyes for the red, white, blue, gray and gold.  Beard is floss double stitched to make it thicker.  Missing dog will be in DMC - wanted to find a color to match my son's dog.  Everything, except chart, from stash.  32 ct Champagne linen.  One strand over two.

This belongs to Patchwork Quaker Mystery group on facebook.  Initial chart - after you show a stitched chart, then you get the next one.  The group is already closed.  We started stitching June 15th.  Hard to believe but the fabric is Light Mocha Belfast linen, 32 ct.  Stitching with one thread, over 2.  Olive waterlilies and a matching green in Needlepoint Inc silk.  Not the best photo I've ever taken.  Everything taken from stash.

Also a facebook group - Song of Solomon, closed in January.  Got the whole chart at once.  Went gun-ho at once but slowed down when I started the letters and the "blackwork" areas (which is when it went on stretcher bars).  28 ct cream linen, one thread over two. Outside border is Dinky Dyes silks.  Interior border (the loops) is Waterlilies Rain Forest.  The gold is DMC.  The brown (ship) is an old unnamed brown from Hand-dyed fibers (Vicky Clayton).  A Mixture of threads from stash for the rest.  Actually everything for this one came from stash.

Lastly is something from the stash (recent) but not for a SAL.

Another terrible photo.  Shepherds' Bush piece.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

For my Dad and all those who have gone on too early.

For the youngest daughter's husband

For the oldest daughter's husband

For my nephew and

For all those fathers far from home serving our country
who don't get to be home today

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

photo heavy

I think I am overdue with needlework photos.  I have been stitching!  That's the good part.

With the chart - you can see I left out a few things

I did the base to "match" the previous piece - adding the heart and the same fiber

All set for the the June 1st stitch-along (SAL) from my "local" shop

The end of Day 1

By Day 4

Still progressing along

The close-up of the new area