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Sunday, March 21, 2021

 HI all

I thought I posted last week but it isn't showing up.  OH well, hopefully today's post will show up.

Progress has been made.
the only thing left to stitch is the black lines.
There is a gold(ish) thread to be couched down
(the black lines) i.e. the tree limbs

last you saw this. it looked like this

a lot yet so little had to be done
and now even less

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Enjoy the upcoming week !

Sunday, March 7, 2021

This is page 3 of the Pandemic.  
One card of Splendor Silk did all this plus pages 1 & 2.

Please note that the upper right corner
of Page 3 is missing.  I am leaving this alone for a short while while I decide
what to substitute for the floral area that goes there.
This particular floral area does nothing for me.
I would like to find a small dragon, griffin, etc to fit in.
No luck so far.  Send me suggestions please.
Soon a photo of page 6.


This is Ice Castle by Mill Hill.
It still needs the back stitching and the large button.
I sweat the beads on this took linger than the stitching did.

Also meanwhile

I also went back to Do Different from Long Dog Samplers.

I started to finish this area off
only to discover it was off.  At first I thought it would be an easy thing to fix.
Ha ha
The black outline was off  - too tall
which made the motif to the right also off

So I started ripping and left a lot of red threads behind
(which are not as visible then what I saw)
so I picked at what could be gotten up
then used a lint roller on it
and finally took a damp white cloth to it to get the "stain"

Now it is clean and ready to recount and restitch.

Have a good week.