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Sunday, February 4, 2024

SAL time

TIme to report in again. THe project is A Plant of Rapid Growth Here is last time and currently
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Sunday, January 14, 2024

It's hard to believe it's been a full quarter of a year since I last posted. I admit it was busy, full of woe and ill health. Most of which I will not bother to report. The woe portion is the death of two friends. Melinda and I belonged to the same stitch group for a long number of years. She left us in November. The other was the more recent death of Carol Lake, a well-known needlework teacher whom I became friends with over the years of teaching. In October I did get sick and went to the doctor which started a longish journey of blood works and other tests to include an ultrasound. In the long run, I got my gall bladder out in early January. By the time I got to see the surgeon in late December, he was surprised it had not burst and then got me scheduled as soon as possible. Ironically the only cancellation that happened was the patient scheduled immediately before me on the day of the surgery. Recovery is going well. And the weather is cold (-3 today) so I stay in which helps the recovery as well. I now have a way to work around the awful glasses that I have and whatever the problem is with my eyes. I now wear a pair of "peepers", hold the fabric up close and have my Ott light right there almost on top of things, then I can stitch, slowly. Meanwhile I can't see anything else literally. I have to raise up the glasses to see to change a tv channel, to see someone else (like one of the cats). But I am stitching some now. I am also crocheting which I can do with out the peepers and with the awkward glasses. Last year I stitched 3 prayer shawls, each being about 30 in wide by 65 inches long, as well as 5 preemie blankets and 1 scarf for the homeless. I decided to start the new year with a new project and go back later in the year for The Potter's Shed and a few smaller things I had started and not finished. Here is A Plant of Rapid Growth: This is the cover photo. I changed the fabric I have used DMC for some of the overdyes progress shots As of this morning 1-14-2024 The start of the 1st prayer shawl for 2024 And that's the scoop for today. Today is also SAL day for me. Please check out these other stitchers: Avis, Claire, Gun, Christina, Kathy, Margaret, Heidi, Jackie, Sunny, Megan, Deborah, Sharon, Daisy, Cathie, Linda, Helen, MaryMargaret Stay warm!
Ok Major problem, screw-up, something. I wrote a good blog today (or so I thought) and tehn posted it to the wrong blog. I accidently posted it to the CHrismas Ornie blog. THe Christmas Ornie blog is somewhere on the right side. YOu have to open it list up and then find it. Meanwhile I will be trying to get a copy on to this page. If you have suggestions on how to get it over, please let me know.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

SAL time

 New project until things settled down.

Here is the start point:

Actually I think I started this back in either 2012 or 2013.
In the bag of threads, I found the receipt for the 
threads from Dec 2012.  It will eventually be a gift for one of 
my SILs.  He loves the Pittsburg Penquinns.
ALl the red areas will become golden, the small blue areas
 will be back, white will still be white and the big back areas
will remain black as well.  bottom of the hockey sticks will be
 thicker than the rest of it.  The netting will be a thinner thread.

And here is the piece as of today.

Don't forget the other ladies

Monday, September 11, 2023

 I know it's been awhile and I can say it has not been as easy summer.  More issues with the eyes which has made stitching difficult.  I have tried a project a bigger count than The Potter's ShHed (36 ct).  But I haven't had the staying power to work on stitching.

I have been crocheting.

two shawls for "threads of Love"
making shawls for the family of organ donors.
One done and one nearly done.

This one is Red, White and Blue and includes 
the paws from one of our two cats.
He just had to check it out.
This one is actually a bit small and narrow 
so if it is rejected then it goes to the
Shawl ministry at our church.

This one needs the two outer strips to be finished then

everything to be sewn/crocheted together.

The black/gray/white is one variegated strand 

and made a really cool pattern

(my opinion)

Don't forget the other ladies




Monday, July 10, 2023

 I'm already a day late.  Yikes!

Make sure to check out the other stitchers in the SAL.




 Meanwhile, out of the 3 weeks, I was gone for a week and sick for a week (nothing serious just a summer cold but a royal pain elsewhere).  Guess work, my stitching suffered.  The eyes are still having an issue with the left eye and I was told to wait 3 months to see if it clears on it's own.  (grumble, grumble)

On the positive note, I started crocheting again.  I now have 3 places that instantly want stuff - from prayer shawls to baby blanket to comfort shawls (for organ donors families).  So I have started.  I admit I am a bit slow yet but working on things anyhow.

Here is my current project - a shawl for the Organ donation organization.  It needs to be roughly 60 inches long so I still have a bit to go.

As you can see, the curled end is where I am working
(see red tread and my red toe and sandal)
I am going to finish this red area, do another white are and 
another red area, then the navy blue is the rest.
I have not tied off my loose ends yet
(I tend to do them all at the end).

After this one, I will find some other yarn and another project.

Hopefully more stitching next time.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

 Hi everyone

It has been a long period of not posting and I am sorry but it could not be helped.  Here is the hopefully short version of the saga.

In late March I notice I was seeing less and less out of my left eye and saw the regular optimist that I use.  I've been wearing glasses since college.  Got diagnosed with cataracts.  Waited a month before getting to see the specialists and that was after I told them I was losing sight, otherwise I would be just getting into for the initial exam.  Lenses definitely need to be replaced.  Just want the regular version, no specialty stuff.  Now waiting about 3 weeks for surgery for one eye than two weeks after that for the second eye.  Everything seems to go fine and at the next day check-up, Dr wanted to pop my lens for that eye (from the glasses).  I said no.  Regardless of other things, I needed my bifocals.  Left eye kept aching and feeling funny.  Finally at the week check-up I got a mini-cat scan (not sure how else to describe it) and there is something behind the eye but it should not be bothering my vision.  Following week had the second eye done.  Much better and easier.  Now have great distance vision but nothing else.  I actually bought 2 paid of cheap readers (2 different strengths) to replace my bifocals.  I also had to buy sunglasses since I am now sensitive to really bright sunlight - evidently this is normal.  I can drive just fine but now my mid-range distance if off.  Back to the original optimist.  Get retested, I still need glasses - no problem.  I had figured I would still need them.  I have a funky stigmatism.  Now another 2 week wait for the new glasses (with upgraded bifocals).  It's been less than a week but now I have new glasses and are adjusting to them.  I went to a smaller frame this time.  I think I am ready to go back to my normal and fine stitching.  I certainly do not need as much light anymore.

Meanwhile The Potter's Shed has been on hold, more or less.  I did some between my last SAL post and the initial surgery.  I did finish one needlepoint piece and did lots of knitting ( wih ripping) and crocheting.

So I have two new photos for you today - the updated The Potting Shed and a completed Bermuda Reef, as well as the two previous photos.

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