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Friday, November 30, 2012

Between Thanksgiving and a cold (thanks to my two grandson and youngest daughter), I've been delayed in finishing up EGA seminar and moving on to other subjects.  So it's time to finish up!

These are the views from my balcony.  Too bad the outdoor pool was closed for the season.  However I did take advantage of the indoor pool and hot tub.  Very nice!
THe hotel was a curved L shape.  In the first photo you can just see the actual curve portion.  In the night version you can see the start of the casino and convention area.  My wing was of the hotel was as long as the other one.  So you can see that it was a loooooooong walk to class every morning and whenever you headed over for an event.

On that long walk, these are some of the sight that I saw each day.  The hotel was filled with wonderful pieces of art everywhere you looked.

This sections shows one of the chairs in the lobby.   From the main entrance and front desk, the lobby is about 5 steps down (think of a sunken living room for those who remember them).   At the far end of the seating area are doors to the outside "patio" area.  In the middle of these doors is this stained glass piece - photos are of both sides.  It was so wonderful to look at every morning.  So inspiring!

And so concludes today's tour of the the Hilton at Buffalo Thunder.  Next up is the classooms.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

A few of my favorite pics.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I found some other blogs talking about EGA 2012 Seminar aka Santa Fe Enchantment.



As I find more I'll let you know.
Did I mention we found a lot of Icons?  They seemed to be everywhere!

Samples from three different shops.  I admit that I have never seen so many in one town before.

And now for some window shopping:

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Now it's time for some photos from Santa Fe.  As I said before (I think), four of us went in a day early.  So on saturday we walked and walked around Santa Fe downtown.  There were great shops, a great church and lots of different things.  One of the priorities for the others was the Georgia O'Keefe museum.  So off we went.  They were strict about no photos so I have nothing to show you.  But I can direct you to a photo of the museum.  I tried to take a photo of the outside but that's when my batteries died.

Here are some buildings and a church that we went to.

Entrance to a parking garage.  The posts are the standard cement post, only decorated.

Absolutely beautiful.  Traditional Catholic elements yet with the flavor and traditions of the area.
I loved this sign, just before you enter the church.

We had lunch at La Fonda, which is just down the street from the church.  The main doors face the plaza but don't begin to show off the wonders of the hotel.  The food was excellent and there was lots of it.   Check out their website to get an idea of the beauty of the hotel.

As the day went on, we did quite a bit of shopping - actually buying things and window shopping.  Here's some glimpses into where we went.

The Leather shop.  Most of us did a little (or a lot) of buying here.


There were many pottery shops.  I indulged in one of them. 

A gallery of Polish folk art.  When we got inside, there was lots of Polish pottery, icons, etc.  A bit unusual to find in Mew Mexico but interesting to me since my hubby is of Polish descent.

More tomorrow!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Since I am way behind in things, I might as well go way back - nearly a month.

Mid-October my ANG chapter had a class with Lois Kershner.  Naoshima Sunset was the piece.  You can see a photo here.  Absolutely beautiful !  I had the fun privilege of picking up Lois and driving her around while she was here for her long week-end.  She was delightful company, as well as a great teacher.

Lois has lots of wonderful classes and a book on her website.   It's worth a visit.

I do have to say that our ANG chapter had a donor to pick most of the costs of the teaching week-end.  A HUGE THANKS goes out to our donor! 


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Things here are starting to go back to normal.   Tuesday we did our thing and went and voted.   We feel that not only is this our responsibility but also our privilege.  A lot of wars, let alone arguements and other, have occurred in history to allow us to do this.

My comments are now for TSA.  I understand why TSA exists.  I see the need for them to exist (perhaps not in the same form as they are currently but overall).  However I see no need for why TSA needs to harbor thieves.  I have had my luggage searched before, had the TSA slips left out, etc. But this past trip to seminar takes the cake.  

I use a clear, plastic bag/purse style thing to hold my shampoo, razor, deodrant, hairspray, make-up, etc when I travel.  Easy to see thru and yet protective if a lid comes off.  THis time when I opened my suitcase, it had been dumped into my suitcase and was empty.  All the little travel size items seem to be there and several of them had red nail polish all over them and the red polish was missing.  Why in the world did they think it needed to be dumped and not returned to the bag??

I had a long, narrow plastic bag with leftover Halloween candy.  It is completely gone.  Vanished !  Bag and all.  I hope they enjoyed it.

I had a AAA battery in my travel alarm.  It has traveled overseas with me, to DC, numerous places - no problems.   This time, they took the battery out.  Thankfully they left the little clock.  I like my little clock.

And lastly, my flannel nightgown is missing.   My nice, warm, soft nightgown with breakfast spilled all over it.  Probably more than you want to know but still, why a piece of clothing?

In general, why did they have to steal any thing?  That's not in their job description.  I'd bet money on it.   Shame on you TSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Evidently this is a couple of days old.  But please check out the Kreinik blog:


A wonderful tribute to Estelle Kreinik from her son.  Again, the needlework family has lost a pioneer of the business.
At long last, I'm home again.   After a busy few weeks preparing for EGA national seminar and being in charge of a week-end workshop for my ANG chapter, I am home and have access to my computer once again.

So in the next few days I will bring everyone up to date.  Meanwhile it's off to dinner and a good night's sleep!