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Monday, May 31, 2021

Sunday, May 23, 2021

SAL and more

 I know it's been a while since I posted.  3 weeks (plus a couple of days) I did something to my back.  THree weeks exactly ago I missed the SAl posting because I was flat on my back.  However I had picked a new piece to work on and did for a couple of days then stitching ended for awhile.

So here it is a new SAL dat and I have photos.

This is the cover sheet and only photo of the piece.
There are two  options for the top
arched or rounded.
I chose rounded and what is shown is arched.
This is a 23 year old chart
I got it from someone else who had started it but didn't want to finish it.
Great - I thought it would be done quickly.
ha ha!

DIrections are terrible!
Sorry but true.

THis is upside down - sorry.
I did most of the bottom
still have one area that will be changed.

I started on the black outlines on top.
You swill see the result
Nothing matched up
and everything came back out.
You should be able to see the black streaks

Today I stitched more

Around the star - no problems
started in the center
so far ok
went to the right side 
stitched down (towards me)
and basted so I can match points

Hopefully this i help me get thru the outlines. 
Then to decipher the vague directions for the rest.

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