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Monday, January 27, 2020

Sunday, January 26, 2020


Here we are and another 3 weeks have flown by.
Hard to believe.
For those of you who also follow stitching groups on Facebook
The photos here may not be the same shown of Facebook on Monday.
#24 hours of cross stich is holding a week-end of stitching
idea is to stitch a full 24 hours over three days
I still have the rest of Sunday to work on projects.
(just a little discosure here)

Here go the updates as of this morning:

The Americans
I started the extended alphabet
You can see that so far B, D and F have been extended
Also, Nathan Hale name has been started
Debating about the color of Abigail's roof.

Overall shot

Current Band
Definitely making progress
just not as much as I want

St. Sylvestre
Definitely more progress
I t got a full day to itself play the other tidbits
of time this past week.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Chaos Sunday but still an update

As the title says, it has been chaotic around here today.   I started the morning off with a couple of tea and my red sampler and a tv program.  A little me time before the day started.  Except there came a point in the show where I closed my eyes while I was drinking and jerked and tea went on me and the sampler.  Now the mad dash to the kitchen.  I quickly scrubbed carefully at the tea spots.  I managed to clean up all but one little spot.  So it got a bit of a dab of dish soap - it was really tiny. That seemed to help.  Then I found are area where the red border ran (that's silk, not the cotton of the interior areas).  So I got a q-tip and a drop of bleach and carefully applied/touched (barely).  It came out and did not get on the border itself.  The sampler spent the rest of the day, on a clean white cloth, drying out.  I spent most of the day hauling stuff up from the basement (along with oldest daughter & SIL).  We are having a Goodwill truck coming to our house this coming week for a pick-up.

NOw on the good stuff - the photos of the week.

Starting with the Stacked Turkey.
He is done !!!
He still needs to be finished but that comes much later.
The stitching is complete and he is my
first finish of the year (2020) !

The Americans Sampler
Abigail got shoes this week and the house went higher
even got most of a couple windows.
Nathan Hale is next to Abigail and 
he got part of his "box" stitched.

St. Sylvestre
My prayer piece.
This is the upper left quadrant
(at least what I have stitched so far)
It got quite a bit of attention this week.

These photos were taken before the tea disaster.
As you can see, it didn't very far this week.
I hope to change that this week.

and that's the update for the week.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

update day

Happy Sunday.

Yesterday here was beautiful and warm
Today it is freezing.
Weird Winter so far.

On to the photos.

Too much is going on right
so I thought this is appropriate.

Full view

current band
Things are slow going
A few projects going at once and not enough time
But I love this and am not ignoring it.


Abigail is the first square of the American that I am doing.
I am stitching them in alphabetical order
in a long sampler not a square.
This is also shown on facebook each Sunday

There was no work on the Turkey this week
(shown last Sunday)
INstead I made a new start for my husband

St. Sylvestre

Cover sheet
Yes, it is another Long Dog Sampler
I already had it in my stash
and decided now was a good time to stitch it.

This is all I have right now.
The "blob" on the right is actually part of the middle of the piece
and an outline of the arm going left.
I'm stitching in on a 36 count white linen
(something from my stash)
with black DMC (310)
I tried Splendor but one strand is too thick.
Day by day some stitches go in - each a prayer.

Now for the resolution of the day

perhaps the increase in vocabulary most of want
but it gets the point across
I am learning new vocabulary words every day it seems.

Have a great week!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Sunday, January 5, 2020

SAL day and other

Descending Order
Long Dog Samplers

These past three weeks have not gotten a lot of attention


Stacked Turkey


Getting There

Americans "Sampler"
Little House Needleworks

My start
They will be two by two
alphabetic order
there will be an alphabet
larger stars were prepainted/stenciled by me
Also being posted on Facebook on Sundays
on the Little House Needlework page

For the moment that is all.  I am starting two other SALs

12 Days of Christmas by Hands On Design

Quaker Sampler by Linens and THings
(also on Facebook)

Almost forgot


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Have a great week!

Saturday, January 4, 2020

things have been busy round here and as a result something have slid off the radar scope.  Time to get them back on track.  Tonight I will up date some thing but Sunday will be a big stitching update.

I am a huge reader -  I always seem to have a book and since I discovered Libby - an app allowing me to have library book on my phone - I literally have books all the time.  My goal for 2019 was to read 80 books.  I ended up reading 82 books - yea!

I admit I did not keep track of my stitching finishes.  I do plan to try to keep track in 2020.  Here are a few of the finishes:

And lastly a resolution for 2020

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020