Sunday, July 4, 2021



The hour is late but not gone, nor forgotten
Same for the SAL

Yes, I have worked on my piece during the past two weeks
though not this past week
while I attended a virtual conference most of the week.

Last time  


take note that I ripped out the sprats

(were on the upper right side)

now they are all a purple not previously used

Don't forget to chaeck out everyone else too



Sewing Beside the Sea said...

It gets better and better! Will it be finished when the arch is filled or is there background to stitch as well?

Unknown said...

Looking good!

nwpaintedlady said...

This is so lovely. Love the color choices :)

Laura said...

Sorry you had to rip out!

Christina said...

Stunning progress! Hope the frogging isn't too bad :)

stitchingranny said...

This is beginning to look really pretty and colourful x