Tuesday, July 27, 2021

 I just found out that Marilyn, the founder of Stoney Creek Designs, died early this month. 

I remember meeting her when I used to teach out at Rockome Gardens in Arcola, IL.  

Here is a link to her obituary.:   Marilyn Vredevelt Obituary (2021) - Grand Rapids, MI - Grand Rapids Press (mlive.com)

Not a word about the company or stitching.  She stitched beautifully.

Another loss for the stitching community.


diamondc said...

JHM: Thank-you for this information, I had the pleasure of meeting her several time in the past.
She was such a sweet and kind soul.
Sadly we lost another designer, Barb from Blackbird designs, its an awful feeling to know that such talented people are leaving this world.


rebelrosecreations@gmail.com said...

Thank-you for this information. I love Stoney Creek Designs. Prayers to the family