Friday, July 16, 2021

 I've decided to join the July Hermit Stitch-in.  It appears I may be stuck inside with rainy days which is always a good time to stitch.  So here is the start of my piece for the week-end.

Pandemic as of July 16, 2021
Ready to go later today

The upper right is a bit bare.  I alsmost have the changes worked out.
from there I have been a bit all over the place.
But it is coming along.
I had a target to be complete by the end of July
but I found I needed to do other things as well
so the plan needs to be revised.
Meanwhile I still keep going.

1 comment:

diamondc said...

JHM: This is a lovely Sampler, you have so many stitch's in this design.
Have fun with Hermit Stitch-in