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Sunday, November 20, 2022

 SAL time

Last time 

please note there are gaps in the outside borders
on both the left and right side
close to the center but to the right has 2 empty triangles
a partial design
plus there are other areas I cleaned up or if you prefer
finished up


                                                                 All the borders are done
the triangles are done
the dragons are in (next to the triangles) and misc 
other odds and ends

                   so for this one, the area above the reindeer got cleaned up, even though the phots won't load

ok now these two won go side by side but you get the idea

All around the piece (except the date)  I did clean up work to make sure things were finished.
I stil haven't figured out where I am putting initials.

CHeck out the other stitchers as well




 Have a great Thanksgiving!



Unknown said...

Well done! your project is looking great!

Claire said...

coming along beautifully!

Sewing Beside the Sea said...

I love the monochrome designs. Lots of areas are now finished. It's looking great!

diamondc said...

JHM: This must feel good to have done so much on this amazing design, I love all the elements, there are so many animals I did not realize before, beautiful.


K Reeves said...

This is looking quite splendid! You are close to the finish line!!

nwpaintedlady said...

Stunning project - your almost there :)

Katie said...

Wow. Looking amazing.