Sunday, November 28, 2021

SAL time

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I almost forgot.   I did my photos late last night and loaded them in this morning then the rest of the day got  away from me.

Here's  Do Different 3 weeks ago

I was bad and didn't do a good shot of everything.
Today's shot is of everything then each side.

Here goes:

This overall with books trying to keep the left side from curling over.
I worked on the third band of the saying, working on finishing the side
triangles on the left side (not finished though)
I did the side triangles on the lower right and the bottom right triangles.
I blocked off the area which will be stitched in black on
both the left and right sides (look in the middle)
Under the third band of writing I started a small area on the left
It will remind what color is also going in on the right side.

See the blank area in the middle of everything
(more or less)
It looks like a vase to me and I am debating with myself as if it should be 
the solid red or black stitching.
Please let me know what you think.

Now for a closer look at the sides.

Left side

Right side.

Don't expect huge amounts of stitching for the next three weeks.  
I have lots to do to prepare for the Christmas events in our life.
Shopping is not my thing
unless it involves stitching.

Don't forget the other stitchers at the top of the post.

Good Stitching to one and all!



Unknown said...

It looks like you´ve done a lot! Looking great!

Sewing Beside the Sea said...

You've made great progress in setting out the sections to be stitched. It's always difficult to decide on colours and I suppose it depends whether the areas are to be stitched densely or not. Dense black will bring the vase forward. Sparsely stitched red will push it into the background. You'll need to decide whether you want it to dominate or not. Choices, choices...

diamondc said...

JHM: There are a load of cross's in this design, it is lovely.
I know what you mean about not stitching much, here we are starting to decorate, it's a job, I am like you I am not fond of shopping unless it's for stitching.

Have a lovely week

Sunny said...

Wow -- so lovely!!! As far as the vase (and I agree, looks like a vase!), what about half-stitches in either red or black to give it a different look?

nwpaintedlady said...

So intrigue and beautiful - I know you will figure this out, Sorry but I have no advice for you :(