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Monday, September 6, 2021

SAL time again

 Yes it is that time again.  I can't believe I haen't posted anything since there either.  Partly because of too much to do and never enough time.  I admit to trying to get things done that are out of the house before we get shut down for COVID again.  But enough, you came to see progress pictures and I actually have them.

The whole piece overall

Just the top.
Just a few more stitches to finish before the whole top is done.
I have the threads but I was too tired and bug-eyed to finish
before posting.

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Sewing Beside the Sea said...

It's been well worth the effort to almost finishing this piece. Stunning!

diamondc said...

jhm: This is such a beautiful piece, the different stitch's are wonderful.


Unknown said...

Great work so far!

K Reeves said...

Just Beautiful!