Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Needlework in London and elsewhere (photo heavy)

I'll start with the elsewhere.  While I was watching a past episode of Project Runway. the designers were in Mood (fabric store) and two of them walked past this familiar carousel.  I promptly hit the rewind button and after a few attempts to stop in the right place - there it was again - a carousel of DMC floss!  What a pleasant surprise.

Day 2 of London found us at the National Potrait Gallery and St. Martin's-in-the-fields - basically across the street.  Both were fabulous places to visit.  The "crypt" of the church has been turned into a lunch place, shop and rooms for changing displays.  One of the display area was honoring the para-olymics which was happening while we were there.  Much to my delighted surprise, it was put on by the Emrodier's Guild.  All the stitched pieces were potcard size.  Each country particiapting in the games were represented.  There were several "postcards" for each country.  Each row, going down represents the country.  Here are a few.

I was dispappointed in Minnie Mouse representing the USA.  Not exactly how I would want my country to be thought of.  Nor do I think that Hoolywood truely represents us either. 
On board the ship, I did meet a very nice English lady who admitted that all she knew of America was what she read in mystery/crime novels. 
You never know where someone gets their viewpoint from.

The gift shop did sell brass rubbings already complete.  Here's the one I wanted which they were out of, as well as all my alternate choices as well.

And finally, here is the church itself.
(no idea who the guy is - he just had bad timing for me)

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Erin (moviemuse) said...

Such beautiful stitching! What a great surprise that must have been. Thank you for sharing your photos from your trip. I love looking at them!