Friday, September 21, 2012

I had intended to post more often this week but things just kept getting in the way.

I had to make sure to get to my Wednesday stitching.  I needed to follow up on my fellow stitcher who discovered cancer why I was on vacation and then I wanted to check in on another friend who lost a cousin while on duty in Afgahnistan (those 9-11 killings tht the president doesn't think was a terrorist attack).  I'm crossing my fingers that this is it for tragedy with my stitching friends and yet, usually things come in threes.  So part of me is waiting for the other thing to occur.

Meanwhile on the home front, my husband finally admitted right before vacation that he has a knee problem (from his fall in February) and so we have seen the Dr and surgery is scheduled.  It should be a short recovery (hopefully).

I'm late again with my TUSAL.  THis time I have a special edition - the vacation TUSAL.

This is my travel ort container.  The ortshave now been transferred to my regualar ort collection.

And now for my actual vacation stitching:

The actual sttiching

The stitching with the charts.  This will is the 12 months Snaps from Bent Creek.  I decided to do a short and very wide piece.  I have a place where this will fit into the house and look good.  This was also a gift from a dear friend (thanks Marilyn).  All I need to do was supply floss. 

I took 3 projects on vaction and this is what won out.  Obviously I didn't do a lot of stitching but enough to keep me sane.   I did stitch on this twice since I've been home and another project (canvas).  This may turn out to be a travel piece since I have two more trips scheduled this year yet.

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