Sunday, September 30, 2012


The stop after the Faroe Islands was Iceland.  We went to the Blue Lagoon and "swam" them for an afternoon.   The lagoon is a "dent" created by an old volcano and warmed by geothermal waters.  It also seemed to be heavily salty.  Anyone could float.  You just lift you feet up and float away.  There were stations with natural silica that you could put on your face or body (mostly the face) and was supposed to be a natural defoliant.  Anyhow it was like being in a huge hot tub with a thousand of your friends, well maybe hundreds.

We didn't do any walking around in town due to my husbands knee.  But I did take s few photos as we went thru town on our way to the lagoon.  Our tour guide was not kindly disposed towards Americans.  He kept mentioning that we never seem to leave.  I'm sorry that us spending our money there upset him so much.  Oh well.  Can't please everyone.

Here are the few photos I have.

Thru the bus window

The lava fields on both sides of the road going out to the lagoon.

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