Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Sunday, September 16, 2018

I know that I am a week behind in posting my updates.  I had remembered to take the photo a week before it was due just in case.  The news was then that my MIL was getting worse.  She was on hospice.   Then later that week we got the news she was gone and we headed off to the east Coast - a 12 hour trip for us.   Meanwhile things got busy with preparations, etc. even though my BIL had taken care of a lot of it and the funeral was pre-planned.  There are still a lot of little items to do.  My husband had already written the obit and started an eulogy.  He kept re-writing it up to the viewing.  As custom with the church where she was buried from, the eulogy is given before the funeral mass.  She lived a long life - she was 98.

Anyhow the viewing was the day that updates are normally posted and the funeral the day after, etc.  We stayed on to visit with family and we are back now and trying to resume a more normal schedule again.  So this Sunday you get the updates on stitching.


close up 
this area looks like a sleeve but is the dress
 draped over her bended knee
I did a fait amount of confetti stitching
plus some small blocky areas.
She did not make the trip to the east coast
she needs more attention than what I knew I could give.

This went with me

progress made in the car

This also went

stitching done in car and while gone
beading this week
You can tell I did not center it very well
but it will still work - lots of beads still to go.

I also took knitting for the car portion but no photos of it

I think I showed the start of this at the last update
this is the most current progress shot

As we most of us, I overpacked the stitching
Did not touch most of it.

This little lovely mitten had been missing for the week before.
I opened my bag and pulled out a larger Santa
and there was the mitten.
Who knows why I stashed it there vs it's own baggie
but it is found again.
(and it still needs work)

In two weeks is the SAL update again
and I will be in sync then.
Meanwhile who knows what I will post.
I hope you went to check out the other members of the SAL.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

I needed a small break and I need some more ornaments.  Here's my start this week.

Just stitching so far.  Ready for the beads

Sunday, August 19, 2018

It seems that all I have done lately is one ornament and my Stitching Lady.  No  ohoto of the ornament.  Here is the lady last week.  

This week and my run-away urge to stitch a large streak of one color than the one next to it, etc.

A close-up of her lap and under

Wonder where I'll go next?

Sunday, July 29, 2018

SAL time

Hi all

Time to update the stitching

Here's the group:

They always have fun things that they are stitching.

Here's my updates:

I did get a fair amount of stuff stitched since I was confined to the house for about a week or so.  I got into some poison ivy and didn't know it.  Ended up at the doctor's office and got meds.  Reacted to meds so there wasn't much I could do but some stitching.  It may make up for the next 3 week period where I have lots to do with grandkids, other non-stitching groups, etc.

last time


last time pages 1-3

today pages 1-3
still confetti missing but more is complete
if you look at the overall photo

last time

middle cat body is done

overall last time

overall today
more background

Sunday, July 8, 2018

SAL up date - photo heavy

It's that time again.  Make sure you see the rest of the group too.  Some great items are being stitched.

Here's my stuff:

You can see some of the background

The middle cat is getting some "fur".

The third cat is done!
I have not started the 4th cat.
I need to get some other stitching done that has deadlines.

My guilty pleasure
I started her in March (I think).
I got her on clearance at a Super bowl sale then took a while to gather all the threads. 
 The threads may be DMC but it is a long list.
I chose 36 ct white linen.  
See the face - looks like a normal person?
the very top looks white?  (part of why I picked white linen)

This is where I am at as of last night.
Notice that the face and arm are not even tan 
the threads are mostly reds and reddish browns
Obviously I am not doing the piece block by block.

This is pages 1-3
This is the area I plan to concentrate on until done.
Then move on to the next three pages
The piece is 3 pages wide, 4 pages tall

This is a finished heart for "hearts for Hospice"
The background is crayon and a stencil
I used the following stitches:
Blanket, Satin, Chain and French Knots
The finishing is done by the ANG chapter that is sponsoring it

Because I couldn't get these posted on the 4th, I thought I'd 
show off some of my patriotic stitching (not all)

My design

old mini kit

Don't remember designer.
Think it could be Heinzit

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

Monday, July 2, 2018