Friday, August 19, 2016

Almost forgot.

National Aviation Day is observed in the United States on August 19 each year to celebrate the history and development of the aviation. It coincides with the birthday of Orville Wright who, together with his brother Wilbur, made significant contributions to powered flight.
Hurray for Amelia Earhart   (photo abt 1932)


I have and have not been stitching lately.  Most of the stitching has occurred away from home.  Stitching at home has been only during nap time for the past three weeks but that doesn't promise it's a time to stitch.

This is why stitching has been slow.  (the hand belongs to my oldest daughter)

This is Hunter nearly 3 weeks ago on his first day in his new home.  All 2 pounds and 9 ounces of him.  Where he gets his energy I will never know.  It is boundless.  And he wants attention and toys.  He still thinks my feet are his toys to nibble on.

This is Max (the larger cat) and Hunter during the first week.  This was a stand-off going on.

This is the two of them yesterday.  Just napping away.  There is relative peace between them currently.  I think that Hunter has a few more rules to learn before Max accepts him totally.  

Max has always let me stitch.  He would sit on the other end of the couch (when the older cat) would allow and just stay nearby.  Hunter on the other hand wants to chase the "string" and when he's ready to sleep thinks it needs to be on my neck or chest.  Not east to stitch with a cat on your chest bur I am trying to learn.

Meanwhile some updates on the stitching (not much).

Last photo taken of the Quaker Patchwork SAL.  I've one more but haven taken a photo lately.

This photo was taken at TUSAL time but never got posted.
There are a lot more threads already.

Last but not least
Song of Solomon
almost there.
Please note, it is no longer on the stretcher bars.  Which means I just have the borders to do and to decide about the date or initials.  The end is in sight.

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Call a cousin today!

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What is your favorite junk food???

Sunday, July 17, 2016


Time for photo updates of my stitching progress.  Yes, I have been stitching but also doing genealogy.  making progress on both mediums.

Yes, St.Basil has finally made some progress.  Finally doing some fun stitching on it.  The stringy looking thing in the upper center is just a short thread.  I parked the needle elsewhere.

The last time I showed this about half of "have" was stitched.   The fabric is incredibly stiff.  Now "sewing" with it, just "stick an stab".  The pink boxes were one in long-armed stitch instead of regular crosses.  The other boxes will also be created in some kind of specialty stitch.  "Accept" and "Faith"  are stitched in a dark blue, the rest of the words in a light blue.

THis is the Mystery patchwork Quaker piece.  Making some progress.  Motif on the right is not complete yet.  Below the swan is a start on a motif (on the pattern) but I'm not sure which color I will use.  I am using Olive Waterlilies, and two different Needlepoint Inc Silks (solids that are in the Olive).

While cleaning up my corner in the family room, I realized that I had not finished this one.  Not much more to go before the beads go on.  Beads are lined up on the side of the piece.

I haven't touched this one in a week or so but I think this is more than I last showed anyone.  All the side will be equal before I move to the "fan" areas.

Lastly is my TUSAL as of 2 pm Sunday.  I know that I have not shown this for quite a while and it is probably off schedule.  This is my year-to-date TUSAL.

Until next time.