Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands were one of the different stops on the cruise.  It wasn't just the incident of the mast hitting the power line, it was just the wholeplace.   We stopped at the main port (but not the main town).  We took the shuttle bus into town.  From there we walked around a bit and took in  local craft show.  VERY tiny compared to what we have here in Indiana.  If there were 15 tables, I would be surprised.  Not much interesting except one table where the lady did absolutely beautiful lace work.  And she knew it and her prices reflected it.  It was gorgeous!

In the middle of  the main traffic circle was this tiny park/garden.  There was this interesting piece of "art".

What can I say??
The trip out of the port was gorgeous.  The islands are basically mountains formed by volcanoes.  Not much grows on them.  Great for raising sheep (which they do).

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