Saturday, January 4, 2014

Today has been interesting.  First I overslept which is not something I hardly do anymore.  I was great at it when I was younger.  But then I had to hustle to get to a visitation for a friend who lost her husband.  That was hard, I really hated seeing her so unlike herself.

From there it was on to to the errands - get coffee ground, pick up last minute groceries, etc, etc.  THe grocery store was a madhouse and the food was flying off the shelves.  You see, we are to be hit with a huge snowstorm.  When the weather channel starts talking about your area being in the storm center as part of their national coverage, you know it's not going to be pretty.   But we are doing ok and have all kinds of fun stuff to nibble on besides the regular healthy food, firewood sitting in the garage and power.  So, after dinner I will be pulling out the stitching and plan doing that most of the next few days.  I might pause to read occasionally too.

Speaking of reading, my final report for 2013 - I read a total of 92 books in 2013- a total of 30,067 pages.  Well beyond my goal of 80 books.  Though I admit I only read 7 chunksters last year.  A chunkster is a book over 450 pages in length.  In 2012 I had read 13 chunksters and a total of 80 books and only 28,120 pages.   Now I'm not sure what I should set my goal for - a total of books or pages or # of chunksters.  One thing is for sure, I already finished my first book of the year.

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