Friday, January 10, 2014

I took a couple days off to clean and read and stitch some more.

Today I actually left the house for awhile.  OUr neighborhood is not so great, people have made ruts in the frozen snow, as well as the fresh inch that fell yesterday and as a result it's quite bumpy.  Itwill probably worse tomorrow because it got up to 41 degrees today.  I actually saw my driveway again.
Ironic sonce I took these photos yesterday.

I'm happy to say that this afternoon, the tree branch was no longer snow covered and starting to perk up.  I did not check on the icickles.
Below is where the Stitching row was a few days ago.  I'm actually up to U but no new photo.  Letters and hoop only.  I haven't done the "ribbon" that floats around it.

Turtle Trot SAL

Now for my Turtle Trot -2014.  Here is where Freedom Rings was on January 1.

And last night saw the last stitches.  I changed the "white" of the flag.  The fiber the kit had was the same color as the fabric and not visible.  I ended up with ecru floss.  The words were in this really, really dark blue so I used the same fiber from the flag.  I'm also changed the stitched stars.  The fiber was so close to the fabric that it didn't show.  I tried the gold of the "ribbon" but it didn't look quite right.  So found a color in my stash that actually looks like their photo - not too brown and not too gold.  I admit I'm not thrilled with the white stars - they are way too white for something done with more subdued colors. I need to go thru my stash to see what else I have.  But it really is completely stitched!

One done and more to go!

Have a great week-end.

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