Friday, January 3, 2014

More of the Turtle Trot and the wanna be's

First up is Abigail by Ro Pace.  I love this piece.  I just need to sit down and finish those corners.
Next up is 4 season trees ( or something similiar) by Karen Kulba .   The top is my progress and the botom is the front of her chart.  I might be half way.

The last offical (10th) item for the Turtle Trot is Mediterranean Tile by Ro Pace.
I have the inside tile finished (but unphotographed).  Now it's time to get busy on the outside tile.

 Now for the wanna be's.   I have been gently urged to work on the next 4 items by vaious folks.  If I went along with the idea of 14 items for 2014 this will be a  "slower than a turle" stroll nwhere near a trot.  So we shall see.

First up, Tapestry Cat by TW.  It is a long running WIP.  I started it after it was in the magazine but before it came out in chart form.  The blended threads make it lovely but also tedious to work on.  It will get done some day.

Next is Saint Basil.  I know when I got this and where.  I was teaching at CATS in Minnesota in 2001 and bought it from the designer.  A very different interpation then Carole Lake's version (which is also gorgeous).

Then there is Lady Liberty.  I got ready fro beads only to discover the beads wer far too large for the 32 count fabric (which was recommended).  Now I need to find the petite beads in the right colors and this is what made me put it aside.

Lastly is a canvas Christmas tree.  The tree is done. The ornaments are not.  The ornaments are supposed to stitched as well, then hung on the tree.  Some of the snow at the bottom is incomplete as well.  That dark streak in the center is a basting line, not part of the tree.   And it looks as if I may have left the needle in when I took the photo ( which was awhile ago, I have since removed the needle). 

There you have the Turtle Trot, the "wanna be"s, etc.  Now I need to go and stich something.

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Anna van Schurman said...

I bought that St. Basil's chart back then to. You are way ahead of me on that! Looks like you have lots of lovely projects to choose from.