Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A brand new year -2014

This starts my 4th year of blogging.  Hard to believe I've done it for 3 years now.  A few folks never thought I would make it thru the first year. Here's to this year and many more.

It has been a very good start in 2014.  I have spent the majority of the day stitching away.  I usually start a new project on the 1st of the year.  This year I was inspired by Dani's Blog  on December 28, 2013.   I actually bought the chart last April at the GLR seminar, the fabric in the summer at Fancy Works  and then inspired By Dani, pulled fibers on the 30th and started stitching on the 1st.

This is how far I got during the Rose Bowl parade.   The fabric is 32 ct Lambswool, the fiber is Cherry Cordial waterlilies.  My initials will be stitched in DMC 316.  I've made some other color changes as well.   After the Rose parade, I found a marathon of the Tudors, so I kept on stitching.
Now for the initial photos of the Turtle Trot.   The first few are nearly done - just need the little push to finish.  First up,  an Erica Michaels chart.  I have been using silk, DMC, other various threads - just not the recommended fibers.

Next is an autumn piece - actually stitched in an autumn overdyed but for some reason it keeps looking gray in photos.

Next is a Laura Perin piece called Autumn.  The last time I posted a photo of this was in July 2011.
I didn't use the recommend colors here either.

This one I started in late summer when I was mostly house bound with hubby  (that pesky shoulder which is finally starting to heal but still can't lift anything).  I had great fun with this but was always interrupted with other committments.


That is the first four of the Turtle Trot!  More tomorrow. 


Katie said...

What cute pieces. I started a new piece yesterday too. I had to record the parade because we wanted to watch movies. So I get to enjoy the parade today probably while stitching.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Awww how lovely that I inspired you to start Stitching Row on New Year's day! I think it was a great project to start the new year with! Great colour choices I can't wait to see your's grow!