Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today is a break from the subject of Love.  It's show and tell time, TUSAL, BAP, and WIP.
Not sure if it is even time for the TUSAL but since I'm doing the other two, it's getting included. It's up first.

Now comes the WIP.http://measi.net/measiblog/2012-wipocalypse/ 

Last month I showed you a few but I only stitched on one - Tapestry Cat.  I remembered well why it became a WIP.  IT's those blended threads and a few stitches here then way over yonder, etc.  But I still love the piece and want it done!
The lower left corner had no backstitching - it does now, the upper left corner didn't even exist yet, now it does and most of the right corner was blank - not so much.

And lastly I joined the BAP challenge.  So I started it.  I also count it as part of my 15 January challenges, the only non-ornament.  See Becky's blog.

Please ignore my stockinged foot in the lower left corner.  I didn't realize it got in the photo.

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