Saturday, February 18, 2012

One of the things that I love is history, especially European and English history,  probably from medievel time through Tudor England.  Everytime I think I have a favorite time, I find something new (to me) to delve into and I change my mind.

However I have found a new tv program on the history channel that sounds promising - Full Metal Jousting.  I've only seen the first episode and it definite was interesting (at least to me).  When the leader and instructors talked about the weight of the armor, the weight of the horses, lances, etc.  It really made me realize that the knights of old had to be in great shape to carry all that weight and ride a huge horse well.  It really brought home the fact that if your horse fell on you during battle, you also may be a goner. 

I'm realistic, I know that there were many problems as far as basic services - food, shelter, health and class status.  Who you were born to or married determined everything.  Not much chance for advancement, especially women.  We didn't get to own anything and did the vast majority of work.  Communications were another problem, depending on what class you were, determined what language you usually spoke.  Yet, people thrived and survived and invented new things and were enlightened in their views.  Well maybe not that.  I can think of a few people whose views are still in the 15th century. 

Overall an interesting time of history.

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