Saturday, February 4, 2012

love of travel

Since I was trolling my photos to see what I would want to show this month, I found some that were actually date stamped.  So the celebrate the 4th day of February in 2012, photos of my day, the 4th of February 2009.  We took our first cruise and increased of our love of travel.  We did a cruise to the Panama canal (and a few other places as well).

Here goes:

They used to use actual mules to pull the ships thru the canal.  This is what a mule looks like in 2009.

This was in the morning, going from ocean to the lake between the two shores.

This is the afternoon, coming out of the lake and back in to the ocean (same side as we went in).  You can see the local traffic going over the canal.

And lastly the bridge for the cars is stowing itself away before the last lock (before the ocean) is opened up for the ship.
This was truely a great trip!

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