Sunday, February 12, 2012


Sorry for the missed couple of days.  Other things had bigger priorities.

Today one of my loves is Books!  I love to read!  I will admit I read mostly fiction.  The top two categories are mysteries an historical fiction (mostly olden days as in before 1800).

One of the groups I joined this year is a reading challenge.  It's based on how many chunksters you think you can read.  I chose a middle group - requiring 6 chunksters.  Each chunsters must be over 450 pages. Looking at their recommended list, I know that I read at least 6 from the list, just not all last year.  So far this year I have read 3 chunksters and am currently on my fourth.

I keep a running tab of book read in the sidebar and have tried to remember to indicate chunksters.  In my spreadsheet, for this year I also added the number of pages read.  So far this year, not counting the current book, I have read 3409 pages.  And this has been a rather mild winter so far.  I do tend to read more when winter is more fierce.

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