Monday, February 27, 2012

I have to admit, it's getting harder to coe up with things/people/places that I absolutely love.  I like a lot of things, etc but don't always love them.

Basically the key people in my life are done, my parents are deceased so I decided not to include them,also the anniversary of my mom's death is also fast approaching and I really don't need any more reminders.
I'm not doing friends in general - I think my close friends already know who they are and I count myself very lucky to have them as friends.

I love to stitch!  But I think that's a given for most people who read this blog.  So I don't think it needs a whole blog entry.

I love going to an ocean location but not enough that I would retire there over all other considerations - so the question becomes "do I love it enough?" to blog about it.

I'll do better tomorrow to come up with one people/place/thing I love dearly.

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