Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Turtle trot 2015

Already I am starting out late.  This should have been posted on the 10th.  I suspect I have other unfinished projects that should be added as well but luckily for this list they seem to be in hiding.  So here is my 2015 list:  (a total of 17 projects, not to mention new designs or any new projects that get started)

Carrying over from 2014   (original list was 19 items, I finished 6,maybe 7)

1. Birth announcement for grandson #2
2. Birth announcement for Grandson #3
3. Tiles – Karen Kluba
4. Afghan, Quaker motifs
5. Casaquidi Scissor case
6. Tomato pincushion – Mill Hill
7. Mediterranean Tiles – Ro Pace
8. Halloween Spider – Jane Casey Zigler
9. Trees – Karen Kluba
10.  12 months of houses – Blackbird designs
11. Williamsburg piece – Lauren Sauer
12. Sewing Motifs

New  (started, not finished)

1. St. Basil by Carol Lake
2. Needle and Thread
3.  Baseball game
4. Hockey sticks – needlepoint canvas

5. Class piece form 2014 ANG seminar

Wish me luck and lots of stitching time.

PS Since it is National hot tea month and Santa is safely away at the beach relaxing, I thought it was time to change the top photo.  Enjoy!

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Meari said...

Good luck with your 2015 projects!

Let me know how you liked the lasagna. :)