Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year catch up

A few  photos from Christmas then the New year.

One of the things we started years ago, was hanging the Christmas cards on the door so that we could see them and not have them stuffed into a basket or whatever.  This year, we left the bottom of the door empty.  Too many little fingers were wanting to take them off.  When we went to the oldest daughter's for Christmas day, we noticed that her family's cards were on the back of the front door as well.  And her bottom half was empty as well - after all she has one of those sets of little fingers in her household.  But it is nice to see a tradition carried on.

This was Christmas eve when everyone was here.  Grandson #2 was looking under the tree for any more wrapped gifts - just hoping for a few more toys.

A few days after everyone left the house, Max decided to come out of hiding (from our bedroom) and spent part of the day here!  He was very cautious for quite a few days.  After all, he isn't used to having 7 adults, 4 "rugrats" and a boxer puppy (who isn't small) hanging around the house.

Yes, stitching!  I actually finished this in 2014 and had a friend finish it for me.  I love the purple edging she found for it.  It goes with the purple in the piece.

And a side view.

My new year's day start.  Chart is below.  As you can see, I didn't get very far.  I had one color that it called for.  The green was easy to substitute but the other colors, not so much.  Since the chart only has a computer generated photo, it isn't any help at all.  The chart isn't list on Little House's website so I couldn't find any comments or other info on it.  So, last night I went thru some stash and picked colors I liked.

More progress next week hopefully.
I picked something small on purpose.  I have so many commitments during January.  Some are stitching related, some are genealogy related and others are more volunteer related, etc.  For example I spent most of the 2nd in a budget meeting and reviewing the books for a small non-profit.  On the 3rd, I attended the board meeting for the same non-profit -which turned out to be very loooong!  
Today I hope to relax and maybe even stitch, especially since it has begun to snow.
Enjoy your Sunday!

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