Thursday, January 27, 2011


I think that I now have everything updated.  I have my 15 started projects all listed, my book list is updated, the luggage arrived home finally and the laundry is done.  It seems while hubby's suitcase made the trek north, mine lingered in Flordia until Tuesday.  In the wee hours on Wednesday, they both arrived home again.

Now on to the photos - as promised #13,14 and 15 as well as one update.

#13   Brrr men by Holiday Sparrow Designs.  Yes, it's an oldie but I still love it.

#14  A Hardanger Jewelry purse by Janice Love.   I actually intend to do just the hardanger portion and frame it.  Something small to fit into some corner of the house.

#15  Constantiople  (not sure it's spelled correctly), don't remember who designed it.  It was passed onto me at our annual EGA garage sale.  But it's canvas and I like it!  Not sure I like the ecru portion.  It actually shows up better in the photo than in real life.


This is a really bad updated photo of the small Dutch Minature.  Progress is being made.

And ow back to the stitching portion of the day.

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