Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"The weather is frightful"

"The weather is frightful"
  We've had some freezing rain, followed by sleet (frozen rain) (still coming down) and tonight are supposed to get snow on top of that.  The closings around town have been interesting - there has been the normal schools, then the county offices, the library, the malls and some banks.  I admit I have never seen a public announcement that the courts were closed, before today.
  My county currently had an advisory out - i.e. go to work and emergencies only.  However most business have closed up and/or canceled 2nd and 3rd shifts.  I hope is that anyone who has to be out, can arrive safely.
Meanwhile, I'm content to stay home and stitch and do some more genealogy.  Hopefully photos tomorrow.

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Berly said...

We're supposed to get anywhere from a foot to 2 feet by morning. I'm really glad to see most people are using their heads and staying in safe!