Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Winter

We've had more winter again.  Another 6 inches of snow - on top of the ice from earlier.  So it was back to shoveling.  Then surprising us both, in the later afternoon, we notices some of the ice on the driveway cracking as we shoveled snow.  So for the next couple of hours and maybe half the driveway, we cracked and move ice.  Pieces that were 3-4 inches thick or should I say slabs.  My arms and shoulders are feeling it today. It definietly replaced any workout you could do at the gym!

Hopefully today will include some wonderful stitching time.

Yesterday, was supposed to be my EGA (Embrodier's Guils of America) - stitching in public day.  As hard and fast as the snow was coming down, I didn't show.  By the time the snow finally finished, it would have been long over.   Instead, I will encourage you to find a local chapter of the EGA and give them a try.  EGA explores all types of needlework.  You never know how you might like a new technique until you have tried it.

For those who care - Have a great Superbowl Day!

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