Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 3 of the Challenge
Santa didn't get very far at all.

 This is the small er of the two Dutch Miniatures.  Almost the entire left side of the plant - all over one thread.

 Home of the Brave - this was day 5.  As you can see, I changed it to blue.

 This was Day 1. I thought he was named St. Nicholas.  Turned out the name is Kris Kringle.  I have several of these that I want to do, so be prepared to see more.

Day 2 was the start of Trick or Treat Kitty.  I have a small patch of grass started.  This is also over one.  My eyes are going to kill me before the challenge is over.

And today - Day 7.  I spent far too long stitching today. Ireally need to work more on my models - all are currently canvas models, much better on the eyes than another over 1 thread ornament.  This is Itty Bitty Ornament by Twisted Threads.

And it is snowing again.  I'm ready for a vacation somewhere warm!


Berly said...

Your projects are coming along great! But, you're right, you need to add in some that aren't over 1. Or maybe do a 40 count gauze project - then the over 1s will seem huge! :)

Cathy said...

Great starts. I will be checking in regularly to watch your progress.