Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8 - I started Cherish Dreams by Lizzie kate.  A small piece but still nice and should hopefully work up quickly.  Photos later.

I had a nice treat today - a quick trip to the cross stitch LNS (we also have a needlepoint LNS within a half hour).  Spend some time with a friend, admired the semi-remodeled shop (shop has a new owner) which is greatly improved, new display of threads which were previously hidden in a drawer and removal of some of the older models.  Previously all the models gave you a closed in feeling, there were far too many of them and some were way outdated.  The new owner is doing a great job of updating and cheering up the shop.  She has also added three stitch-in times at the shop.
  Yes, I did come home with a new chart too.  It will probably make ny challenge 15 and replace something else.  It's a cute little thing about wine.
  I also did the dreary housework today.  Hate to do but feel glad when it's done and things are sparkly clean again.

Til later.

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