Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 8 - Cherish  Dream Live (the proper title) by Lizzie kate

Day 9 - Wine a Bit (proper title)   The colors actully match the kitchen towel set I got for CHristmas.

Day 10 - Tropical Waves
(looks like the white caps aren't showing up very well in the bottom wave set)

Sunday slipped away from me.  We make an effort not to "work" on sunday so we both try to avoid the computer which might (probably) lead us to working on genealogy.

But I did stitch.  I started on Wine a Little - a small chart by Sue Hillis designs for my day 9 project.  THen today I started a new model for a 1 day class.  Originally I wasn't going to count any of my models but this one needs to get done quickly and really needs some stitching time put in on it.  The next couple days pieces will probably have a bare minimum of stitches in them while I work to meet deadlines.

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Debra said...

Good luck and have fun on your vacation