Sunday, January 12, 2020

update day

Happy Sunday.

Yesterday here was beautiful and warm
Today it is freezing.
Weird Winter so far.

On to the photos.

Too much is going on right
so I thought this is appropriate.

Full view

current band
Things are slow going
A few projects going at once and not enough time
But I love this and am not ignoring it.


Abigail is the first square of the American that I am doing.
I am stitching them in alphabetical order
in a long sampler not a square.
This is also shown on facebook each Sunday

There was no work on the Turkey this week
(shown last Sunday)
INstead I made a new start for my husband

St. Sylvestre

Cover sheet
Yes, it is another Long Dog Sampler
I already had it in my stash
and decided now was a good time to stitch it.

This is all I have right now.
The "blob" on the right is actually part of the middle of the piece
and an outline of the arm going left.
I'm stitching in on a 36 count white linen
(something from my stash)
with black DMC (310)
I tried Splendor but one strand is too thick.
Day by day some stitches go in - each a prayer.

Now for the resolution of the day

perhaps the increase in vocabulary most of want
but it gets the point across
I am learning new vocabulary words every day it seems.

Have a great week!

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