Thursday, October 10, 2013

Where do I begin.  The last few weeks have had so much happen and yet the days trudge on by.  I'll start with the good news.

After 10 weeks in a sling contraption, hubby is finally out of it!  He's not allowed to hold more than a coffee mug of weight.  He has temporary physical therapy (PT).  The real hard stuff starts next week.  Driving is still an issue since he drives a stick shift.  I'm hoping that by the end of the month,  he gets full driving privileges back. 

THe upsetting news is the break-in in the neighborhood earlier this week.   Two males rang and rang the doorbell and upon getting no response, assumed no one was home and kicked in the door.  UNfortunately for them, the homeowners were home, having a lazy day and surprised the would be thiefs.  THe thiefs were chased to another neighborhood about 2-3 miles away where someone called 911 because there were strange men running thru her bakyard.  And so two counties came together to catch the want-to-be thiefs.  Onlyinjurywas that one of the canines bit one the arrestees.
THe scary part was that I was starting our morning walk with my 3 yr old grandson and saw all the cop cars and watched the canine unit drive thru the neighborhood and had no idea of what was happening. On of the cops on foot even saw me and never said a word.But when we stopped for the 3 yr old to examine some weed or something on the ground, one of the neighbors came out and told me what was happening and then the kiddo and I went straight back to the house - quickly!
THe alleged theives definitely picked the wrong house.  WHen they were scarded off by the homeowner, they evven left behind their stolen car.  Yuu see, the homeowner had a gun and knew how to use it - retired cop!.  And of course the news made a big deal about this.  Hopefully this will scare off other would-be robbers/home invaders knowing that cops live in the neighbohood - at least I can only hope so.

The other so-so news is that I popped my elbow out place.  It was easily (??) popped back by the doctor but meanwhile it caused a lot of pain elsewhere in the arm and now is very tender and I can barely lift things with that arm.  Appartenly it needs a lot of TLC for a couple of weeks and I don't have any time or that.  Watching a 3 yr old all day, 5 days a weeks doesn't leave you much time to "baby" anything but them.

So stitching is slowed down and hopefully in a week or so I can make up time.  Meanwhile, as soon as EGA posts the photos for the 2014 seminar, check out Diamond Panes - that's mine!  4 diamond panes are shown but the class will include 6 total to choose from and there will be some color choices.  

Keep stitching!

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