Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before or not but since 30 September, we have been babysiting our oldest grandson who is 3.  His Nana (the other grandmother) is his regular care giver/daycare/sitter and we are usually the back-up.   Well, Nana decided she needed/wanted a vacation-the whole month of October plus a a day or either side.  It has been interesting.  I realize I have forgotten a lot about 3 years old and they can really wear you out.  I have also forgotten a lot about potty training (not my favorite part of childhood) which we have been working on as well. 

Between the grandson and the hubby, October has been a tiring month and I have had to miss a lot of stitching things/obligations.  This past monday was an exception.  Our EGA chapter has two 
stitch-ins a month - sampler group and sew'n sews.  Well, monday was at someone's house who also has young grandchildren and a toy area for her grandkids so I asked if my grnadson could come and she said yes!   It was a wonderful day.  I sat a thte table where I could keep an eye on the kiddo and yet be part of the group.  The kiddo behaved, made a little mess with the toys but easily and quickly picked up.  (hejust tends to leave things in place when done playing).  He ate a good lunch when I knew he was getting tired he announced he was ready to go home.  He actually lasted longer than I thought and just short of my max limit I had set.  So we picked up toys and packed up.  Five minutes after the car is moving, he is sound asleep.  When we got home, he went right up for the rest of his nap.  He is really good about naptime.  I try to tell him about 15-20 minutes ahead and usually he comes up to me earlier and says he is ready.

Anyhow I ave photos of what I have gotten done between Monday, some evenings and some naptimes - though neither piece is complete.

The bottom picture looks like it's in b/w but it's not.  It is all stitched in Gentle Art's Simply Shaker Brick Path.  It has grays, browns and rust in it.   The o's in boo are stitched over 1, part of the corn stalk is stitched in Symra Cross, the top of the large acorn is over rice stitches and when done the botton will be satin stitches.  At the top, is asissi should be the word Autumn but I have not decided if I will do that or not.

The top piece called for just two colors in the sepia range.  But I decided to add a little more color but still keeping it somewhat in subtle tones.

My big projects have all been put away until November.  Even then I have to start thinking about the holidays and planning for them as well as other things.  Who knows they may linger until after New Year's and then it's time to start planning on the new grandchild due 1 Feb.

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