Friday, September 13, 2013

A bit late again.

On 9-11 Hubby and I went to do some errands - a haircut for him, a stop at the grocery (small), etc.  I don't think either of us wanted to look at the news that day.
I grabbed just a few groceries and handed the clerk a $20.  My change - $9.11.
I think that I should have bought a lottery ticket. 

I  have also finished "Be Ye Thankful" last week-end but haven't taken a photo.  So it went to the EGA garage sale on Monday (earlier this week).   It took myself and my crew of volunteers around 2 hours to get everything set up and we didn't even price anything but one small table.  THe really expensive books, a lap stand, a light and couple of other odd items were on the table that was a minimum price of $10.  All the other tables were freewill giving.  Over the years we have found that people give more and it is a lot easier to set up the sale as well.   This year, we had outside donations as well as some members really deep cleaning thier stashes.   I think we set up 10 large tables.  Members bought well but still we had leftovers.  Over the years we have found various places for our leftover items instead of Goodwill.  It seems that most of the Goodwill places we have been to, simply toss the items.  NOT Good!   THis year, leftover yarns went to the church pre-school where we meet,  Fabric went to the same church's quilting group that makes quilts for the homeless,  more items went to another church pre-school that one of the member's belongs to,  canvas items have gone to the local ANG chapter, books went to half-price booksfore re-sale then the remaining when to two of our newer outlets - the local Salvation Army which runs a shop and will accept craft items and a place called Indy Upcycle - they recycle/resell craft items.   What a great place!  The last of the items went there.

Enough for today.

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