Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I thought I had finished the blogs on EGA seminar 2012.  But this morning I realized Iforgot the photos of the class.   What was I thinking?  Obviously I wasn't and was getting wrapped up in to many other committments.

I've been finishing up two ornaments for an exchange, have a Christmas luncheon to plan and cook (that's for wednesday) and things to bake for thursday's meeting.  I still have three major things to finish on the sewing machine - which I still haven't borrowed back my my daughter and then I still have to finish my Christmas shopping.  Oh, yes, the cards too.  And the snow fund, etc.

But let's finish up seminar while I remember.   Just a few of the class photos.

The speaker from the closing banquet and a few of my tablemates who are also members of my chapter.  Some even trying to hide from the camera!

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Carol said...

Oh the great memories. I cant believe it was over 3 months ago. I hope we managed to meet while I was zipping around the Marriott. My friend and I just managed to finish one of our class pieces. I have posted a photo on my blog. We both have to finish Ro Pace's class but that is a long time project.
Bye for now, Carol from Australia