Friday, November 30, 2012

Between Thanksgiving and a cold (thanks to my two grandson and youngest daughter), I've been delayed in finishing up EGA seminar and moving on to other subjects.  So it's time to finish up!

These are the views from my balcony.  Too bad the outdoor pool was closed for the season.  However I did take advantage of the indoor pool and hot tub.  Very nice!
THe hotel was a curved L shape.  In the first photo you can just see the actual curve portion.  In the night version you can see the start of the casino and convention area.  My wing was of the hotel was as long as the other one.  So you can see that it was a loooooooong walk to class every morning and whenever you headed over for an event.

On that long walk, these are some of the sight that I saw each day.  The hotel was filled with wonderful pieces of art everywhere you looked.

This sections shows one of the chairs in the lobby.   From the main entrance and front desk, the lobby is about 5 steps down (think of a sunken living room for those who remember them).   At the far end of the seating area are doors to the outside "patio" area.  In the middle of these doors is this stained glass piece - photos are of both sides.  It was so wonderful to look at every morning.  So inspiring!

And so concludes today's tour of the the Hilton at Buffalo Thunder.  Next up is the classooms.

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