Thursday, November 8, 2012

Things here are starting to go back to normal.   Tuesday we did our thing and went and voted.   We feel that not only is this our responsibility but also our privilege.  A lot of wars, let alone arguements and other, have occurred in history to allow us to do this.

My comments are now for TSA.  I understand why TSA exists.  I see the need for them to exist (perhaps not in the same form as they are currently but overall).  However I see no need for why TSA needs to harbor thieves.  I have had my luggage searched before, had the TSA slips left out, etc. But this past trip to seminar takes the cake.  

I use a clear, plastic bag/purse style thing to hold my shampoo, razor, deodrant, hairspray, make-up, etc when I travel.  Easy to see thru and yet protective if a lid comes off.  THis time when I opened my suitcase, it had been dumped into my suitcase and was empty.  All the little travel size items seem to be there and several of them had red nail polish all over them and the red polish was missing.  Why in the world did they think it needed to be dumped and not returned to the bag??

I had a long, narrow plastic bag with leftover Halloween candy.  It is completely gone.  Vanished !  Bag and all.  I hope they enjoyed it.

I had a AAA battery in my travel alarm.  It has traveled overseas with me, to DC, numerous places - no problems.   This time, they took the battery out.  Thankfully they left the little clock.  I like my little clock.

And lastly, my flannel nightgown is missing.   My nice, warm, soft nightgown with breakfast spilled all over it.  Probably more than you want to know but still, why a piece of clothing?

In general, why did they have to steal any thing?  That's not in their job description.  I'd bet money on it.   Shame on you TSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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