Sunday, December 30, 2012

The house is now quiet again.  Everyone has returned to their respective homes.  The cats can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is.  Max (the younger cat) hid most of the time - he is afraid of people however he really took to our son.  Samson would come out around dinner time - always looking for a handout but stayed far away from the two little ones.

Here he is waiting for dinner to be served.

Here are the two ornaments that I stitched for an exchange with my Wednesday stitching  group.

The red bulb was stitched in metallics and the yellow bulb in rayon.

And the tree and Max before everyone started arriving.

The day after Christmas, we had snow.  The weather folks called it a blizzard.  IF it was, then it is the mildest blizzard I've ever been in.  And after living in North Dakota, I know a real blizzard.  Anyhow we got arounf 9 inches dumped on us.  Then on the 28th, it snowed again.  Now add another 5-7 inches (depends on which weather station you listen to).  Now they are talking about getting more snow on New Years' eve. 

The scene from my back door.

The refrig and cupboards are restocked so if it snows more fine.  I don't need to be anywhere til wednesday.  Maybe I can get some more stitching done?!

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