Friday, December 21, 2012

This past week has been indicitive of the the swirling tree that has headed the blog for the last week.  Most of the choas is now done.  Though I still have lots of wrapping to do.  It was crazytrying to get gifts on the list and lots of food in the house.  All the kids, spouses and grandkids will be here for Christmas.  As I write, hubby has gone to pick up our son.  His initial flight was at 5 something this morning and then he has spent extra hours in the intermediate airport due to delays.  This storm has created lots of havoc all by itself.  But he is in the air, flying home!  Much betterthan last year when he was in Afghanistan.  Youngest daughter should just be starting their car trip around now.  Hopefully the roads are in good shape.  Oldest daughter is still at workfor another couple of hours before she can get here.

Yesterday we had the start of the storm early - lots of very LOUD thunder and lots of lightening, and of course the rain.  as the day went on, the winds increased, rain decreased as well as the temps.  And then last night the white stuff started!  I like a little snow, but not on frozen roads.  I hope everyone traveling  has arrived safely and everyone has power!

More later.

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