Monday, December 31, 2012

anniversary giveaway

Hard to believe but tomorrow (Jan 1, 2013) will be my second anniversary of blogging.  It is amazing to me how fast the time has gone in some ways and then there were the days that dragged on forever.
Time to celebrate.  I'll think of a giveaway tonight and post tomorrow.

Meanwhile I have been catching up on laundry.  I had forgotten how much laundry we went thru as a family.  After everyone left, it took me 3 loads of towels, two loads of sheets, i of tabecloths, placemats, etc and I haven't even gotten to our personal clothes.  Each kids did at least one load for themselves/family while here too.

Today is a day to stay snug in my home.  Here it is mid-afternoon and it is snowing again!  Enough with the snow!  Our neighborhood is rapidly going thru it's snow fund.

I have two projects picked out, kitted up and ready to start on New Year's day.  Both are intended as surprises so there may not be many photos for awhile.  Meanwhile there are still plenty of other projects in progress and also those kitted and not started.  I'm debating about joining the Christmas ornament of the month and the Halloween ornament of the month.  Not sure I want the deadlines - there seems to be enough with teaching proposals.  I did mail off one set of proposals for 2014 today and there are more due in mid-January.

And then there is the 2013  WIPocalypse, as well as the 2013  TUSAL and best of all (because it is a reason to stitch), the IHSW  (International Hermit and Stitch Week-end).

The final book report of the year is 80 books - the same as 2011.  However in 2011 I only read 5 chunksters (450 plus pages) and in 2012, I read 13 of them.  In 2012, I started counting the pages as well as the books and by month.   march was the low month, only 1385 pages read.  September was the high month with 3542 pages read.  For the year, I read 28,120 pages.  It will be interesting to what I do in 2013.  I admit that the list has helped me from repeating some books.  My kindle has helped me read more while on vacations as well.

I have no idea how much genealogy that I have done over the past year.  Not sure how I would track that.  But I will find a way one of  these days.

Have a great New Years Eve and be safe!

Have a great 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Erin (moviemuse) said...

Sounds like you're all set for the new year. Hope it is a great one!