Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sorry about missing yesterday's post.  It was a busy day into evening.

It started early with a trip to a Veterans' Hospital and a lineage group meeting.  After the meeting and a quick brown bag lunch, we got a tour of the facility.  So much nicer than some of the VA hospitals that I have been to (many eons ago).  The group also donated 31 handmade fleece blankets.  Nit bad for a very small group. It also beats our record from last year.  Then time to head home, fix dinner and off to the Symphony for the evening.  It was a great evening.  The orchestra play the music to the showing of Star Wars: A New Hope.

I'm grateful to have a great day yesterday.

As for today, I am also grateful for this day - a quiet, peaceful day - a little reading, a little stitching, a little tv, etc.

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