Friday, November 30, 2018

I have missed the post for the 19th by a few minutes.  So just a quick one.  I am very grateful for my dentist.  SHe is the first dentist that I have had that did not use only novacain.  I am allergic and spend years going with out any medication when needing a filling or something.  I may hate going to the dentist but I love my dentist.

Now onto the 30th.

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I saw this on facebook and thought it would be 
good to share on the last day of November.
I am grateful that some of read my posts during this month.  
Some of them must have been so boring at times.

Better times are coming.
December starts my wacky Christmas posts
I have been searching for different Christmas items
I hope you will enjoy them.

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Robin in Virginia said...

I am grateful that you posted and shared the many things you are grateful for along with wonderful graphics/verses. I don't think it was boring, but providing a snapshot of you. Enjoy your weekend!